Saturday, February 19, 2011

Time to Consider a New Way to Read Your Books...!

I've been wondering this question in my mind for so long. Why people don't get interested in e-reader? Low passion for reading? I don't think so, I've seen so many people love to read but they prefer to use their money to buy iPad with the main purpose to read e-books. Every time I heard that reason I just want to shake him/her and say "Come on, don't cover up your desire to have an iPad just with the reason to read e-books. It's non sense!". Why it is non-sense to read e-books on iPad? Let me explain a little bit for you.

Have you ever read an e-book such like a PDF file in your computer for a long continuous time? I bet not all of you did that and trust me I had. For once I found some sample pages from going-to-be-famous novel but I can't find any bookstore that sells it in my country. So I downloaded the full version PDF file and I read it in my computer for a few days. And guess what? It's very uncomfortable. I have lowered my monitor brightness but still the light comes out my monitor still hurts my eyes. After hours of reading and finished that novel I found my eyes feel hurts and swelling for two days.

PS : Lately after I finished that novel I just realized that Twilight is very popular, and yes..I've been reading Twilight Saga series just before it starts to get popular here.

Anyone wonder why reading in computer tiring your eyes more than reading a printed book? The process of how lights get into our eyes while  reading books and looking at computer's monitor is quite different. In a dark room you can see that your computer's monitor is still bright and producing light, that's what make our eyes easily gets tired from reading at monitor : too much light get into our eyes.

The question now, is there anyway we can read in some electronic devices that don't produce light and not tiring our eyes just like the way we read a printed book? There is, an electronic ink or E-Ink. Ever heard about it? Try yourself to do some googling for the complete information. Not every electronic device using E-Ink for it can only produce black and white or gray-scale color.

So, if you are considering a better way to read books such as easily bring your books anywhere and a comfortable reading try to consider an electronic reader or e-reader. Some top famous e-readers are Kindle, Nook, and Sony Reader. When you look at the price you might say it's little bit expensive for they cost as much as your BlackBerry or your smartphone. But consider this, when you purchase a book especially an english printed book it would be quite expensive especially technical IT related books, they can cost from hundreds of thousands to millions and definitely not easily to carry for they usually big and heavy. Here is you benefit points if you have an e-reader :

  • No need to carry heavy books, you can read it anywhere for you can bring it anywhere with you
  • Definitely go green, save space and less maintenance effort
  • Not hurting your eyes anymore
  • It just as expensive as 2-3 english edition of your technical books
  • You can have an enormous source of books using your internet, just as far as one click download.
  • Buying e-book is cheaper than the printed ones
  • It doesn't glare under bright sunlight (you can read while sunbathing). And this condition doesn't work at any tablet even an iPad.
That's it. Maybe that's not all of the benefits yet but I hope at least you have the big picture in your mind why you should considering to purchase an e-reader instead of iPad if you love reading so much (^_^)