Friday, November 2, 2012

Long Time

Wow, it's been a very very long time. I haven't touched my blog for few years already. When I read my previous posts I was taken by surprise. The person that writes that post doesn't seem like today's me. I think it's quite fun to write down what's in your mind on blog then read it again in the next few years. You will be surprised by your changes through all the years.

For the last few years I've been training myself to share only positive things on my social pages. I used to post not just appraisal/encouragement words but also harsh critics words and my complaints until I saw my friend's social pages update who always post negative comments and complaints. At that moment I felt that it's very disturbing and ruining my happy mood when I read it. So starting there I decided not to post all the harsh critics or complaint. Even if I post it, it has to be in encouraging stories rather than complaint and blaming stories.

I've been working in Singapore for almost one year now. Not such an easy changes I admit, I'm so much in love with my previous work environment but due to personal reason I have to move to Singapore. At first everything looks so convenient and organized, but in the end they have a different culture and habit. When I was moving from my hometown to work in Jakarta I did notice there are different habit and behavior but it doesn't go to the extent different culture. It takes a while for me to understand the culture here, not just the working environment but also the society culture and way of thinking.

That's all for now, I'm wondering what I feel when I read this post in the next few years.