Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Got a Sudden Backache

Yesterday I woke up fine and just do my daily morning chores such as taking my laundry, take a bath, and brush my teeth. But something unexpected happened suddenly. While doing one of my daily morning chores my back was hurt. I didn't fall or hit something. I just try to bow down and suddenly one of back muscles felt stretched and hurt. I've tried to lay down for a few minutes hoping that the muscle will get back to normal but this efforts didn't work.

So here I am, these two days I've been feeling this backache and still not figure out yet what to do to heal it. Some of friends suggests using a muscle pain gel but I don't think it will work. My current idea is going to TCM centre (Traditional Chinese Medicine) this weekend. I believe that this kind of sickness will heal better and quicker with the eastern methods compare to western methods.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Things to Check Out for Girls

Girls, I'd like to share you some tips before you choose a man for serious relationship. These tips are taken from my own knowledge and experience also from other relationships that I've seen.

First, you must know what kind of man you want. If you don't know what kind of man you want then you might ended trying dating this man and that man. In the end other will think of you as playgirl. So better know the type of man you want.

Second, if you already know what kind of man you want then next step is considering your man's friends. If his friends are "bad boys" that don't always mean he's a bad boy too but remember this, man listens to his friends. If your man having "bad boy" friends I suggest you to be careful. When your man is on the well condition he might be fine and able to refuse his friends crazy suggestions. But we never know can he resist the temptation when he's down.

Third, you must know the family background before you start to get serious with him. This might seem silly for you. You might think "I marry him not his parents" but many surveys show that almost all parents in law especially mother in law are having a crash with their son or daughter in law. You might think it's fine no matter how bad his family are as long as he's good. But that just a theory. Practically that's not going to happen in real world.

This may be one example. Your man definitely won't just stand if one of his family got debt. And those debt will effect your marriage financial in the end. You should really consider this aspect. Another example, if he's having a paranoid parents and they keep calling everyday of course this will make both of you uncomfortable. He's getting annoyed by his parents calls and you are annoyed since those calls will disturb your quality time together. Imagine if you two were in a date and one of his parents was calling and sounds so persistent asking him accompany him/her to some place which is not really an urgent matter.

See...? So girls, you must really check out your man's family background. Never take it easy.