Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Got a Sudden Backache

Yesterday I woke up fine and just do my daily morning chores such as taking my laundry, take a bath, and brush my teeth. But something unexpected happened suddenly. While doing one of my daily morning chores my back was hurt. I didn't fall or hit something. I just try to bow down and suddenly one of back muscles felt stretched and hurt. I've tried to lay down for a few minutes hoping that the muscle will get back to normal but this efforts didn't work.

So here I am, these two days I've been feeling this backache and still not figure out yet what to do to heal it. Some of friends suggests using a muscle pain gel but I don't think it will work. My current idea is going to TCM centre (Traditional Chinese Medicine) this weekend. I believe that this kind of sickness will heal better and quicker with the eastern methods compare to western methods.


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  2. mungkin ada yang ketarik kali yaa ototnya ? ato mungkin kurang minum susu ? :D