Thursday, April 23, 2009

Flex and Crocs

Lately Chubby has getting more and more addicted to Flex. I've made a commitment to myself. Once I had enough spare money I'll take the certification. Hahahaha. I'm so mad in love with Flex. Gosh...! Can't wait to start coding with Flex. Viva Flex...! Viva RIA...! Viva Adobe...!

I've just realized I might need a new sandals soon. My old Reebok looks so ugly yet still comfortable but I think it won't last no more than a year. I've been using this Reebok for 5 years. What a great companion...! At first my Reebok looked very expensive comparing to the price but considering the toughness it's so cheap. I bought it for Rp. 100.000,- and it has lasted for 5 years. So technically I only cost Rp. 20.000,-/year. As cheap as you buy Swallow but this one has better look and feels great for your feet. I've decided as soon as I have a chance I'll go buy this Crocs for my next travel mate.

Anyone who has any information about my wish list please share it with me. A sale event maybe? (^__^)v


Chubby Panda

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Things On My Mind

Right now Chubby is waiting at C-2's Soekarno-Hatta waiting room for Mandala airlines flight going to Surabaya. Many things are on my mind. Excited, happy, also in rush for going to Surabaya. Before I forget something I'd like to share a little bit with you. Not much but I just want to share it before I forget what it is. 

Yesterday I was confused about tranportation going to airport. Some of my friend suggest TransCab taxi but most of my friends and family suggest BlueBird taxi. Everyone know there is such a big difference fare between those two cabs. TransCab is a low cost cab while BlueBird is not. The difference fare can cost until 30% saving. So I'm really considering which one to choose. I want to know whether BlueBird cost is affordable for my pocket. For my first flight everything is fine. I went to the airport at 5 am, the roads are still empty. Using BlueBird from Kemanggisan to airport at empty road costs me Rp. 100.000,-.
Rp. 11.000 for toll
Rp. 85.000-90.000 for taxi fare

What about my return flight's transport to office? Unfortunately my Sunday night flight were cancelled without some strong reasons by Mandala Airlines so I have to fly early at Monday morning. And my arrival time will be the "going to office" time so you can imagine how crowded the road will be. I was quite worried about the cost if I'm going to take BlueBird again. Empty road costed me a hundred thousands then what about traffic jam?

Then one of my friends told me there was GoldenBird, one of BlueBird company's child. A car rental with one of it's services is one drop way from airport. So I hurry booked an Avanza car for Rp. 150.000,-, that price include the toll. Well I guess that's quite affordable for me and the best is it is a flat rate drive so I'm gonna be fine, no worry about the cost no matter how bad the traffic jam is. 

That's a little share for me. Hope this can help you find a solution if you are confused about the transportation going and from airport. In the end I think I'm going to be a BlueBird loyal customer. Their services just so so good. Better think twice before you choose cheap taxi. I read so many bad experiences with this kind of taxi. And you'll never know whether you're going to be lucky or not. I'm sure you don't want endangered yourself just for saving money which you can earn again later.


Chubby Panda,
with all my best intentions

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Little Quote

Lately Chubby has been getting more and more addicted writing in Chinese eventhough I'm not good in Chinese. Just writing a few short sentences already makes me happy. Here is a short quote in Chinese which I think has a very good meaning in it.

To be a teacher one must first be a student