Thursday, April 23, 2009

Flex and Crocs

Lately Chubby has getting more and more addicted to Flex. I've made a commitment to myself. Once I had enough spare money I'll take the certification. Hahahaha. I'm so mad in love with Flex. Gosh...! Can't wait to start coding with Flex. Viva Flex...! Viva RIA...! Viva Adobe...!

I've just realized I might need a new sandals soon. My old Reebok looks so ugly yet still comfortable but I think it won't last no more than a year. I've been using this Reebok for 5 years. What a great companion...! At first my Reebok looked very expensive comparing to the price but considering the toughness it's so cheap. I bought it for Rp. 100.000,- and it has lasted for 5 years. So technically I only cost Rp. 20.000,-/year. As cheap as you buy Swallow but this one has better look and feels great for your feet. I've decided as soon as I have a chance I'll go buy this Crocs for my next travel mate.

Anyone who has any information about my wish list please share it with me. A sale event maybe? (^__^)v


Chubby Panda

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