Monday, September 29, 2008

Let's Go Swimming..!

Today I went to Manyar swimming pool with my bestfriends. It's been a long time since my last swimming. Actually not really long time, just a month ago but since I didn't bring my swimglass I can't swim freely so I don't consider that as swimming.

This swimming pool actually quite large compare with the other one. In this area there are two swimming pools. The old one is smaller and not so clean. I don't really like it. The one I went is the new one. Eventhough it's new and quite clean but I still find something suspicious about this pool. As we know most pool water is cleaned using chemical ingredient called "kaporit". But strangely this pool doesn't smell it at all and the taste of the water was salty. After a few minutes swimming I felt itchy on my feet, my friend felt itchy too and in the end I'm getting more sunburn than usual eventhough I've used sunblock cream. Totally strange and suspicious.

Honestly I love the design of this pool. It's so comfy but since the service has decreased so much since the last time I went I decided to swim at another place next time.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

My Neighbour Is A Crazy Woman

Hi guys, pernah ngalami bertengkar ama tetangga sendiri? I've just experienced that. I can't believe I've become really really hate her now. Hm, maybe not really hate her but more about have no respect on her.

Bayangkan kalo di depan rumah teman-teman sendiri tiba-tiba ada mobil tetangga parkir padahal kita mau masukin mobil ke garasi, otomatis kita bakal minta tolong supaya tuh mobil dimajuin ato dimundurin kan? Eh tetangga Chubby yang ngga tahu diri ini malah marah-marah waktu disuruh majuin mobilnya. Pake ngatur-ngatur lagi suruh parkir mobil di garasi satunya soalnya dia males pindahin mobil - kebetulan rumah Chubby tersedia dua garasi mobil. Kita udah berusaha jelasin kalo tetap harus masuk garasi yang sana soalnya garasi lainnya mau dipakai plus ntar sore butuh keluar lagi jadi biar keluar mobilnya gampang dan ngga mengganggu. Eh si tetangga gila ini malah marah-marah trus ngatain kita anak muda kurang ajar. Pakai ngancem mau bertamu ke rumah ketemu ortu buat ngelaporin "kekurangajaran" kita.

Akhirnya besok si tetangga gila ini dateng juga dan omong-omong ama ortunya Chubby tapi Chubby masih ga puas biarpun menurut ortu masalah udah settle down. Bagi Chubby this case is not closed yet. I still have not talk about my opinion. Those old people told me to stay away coz this is adult's problem.
If it is you how you will react? Kalo sekali dua kali Chubby dalam hati paling dongkol tapi ga bakal permasalahin. Tapi kalo terjadi berkali-kali gimana?? So here is my opinion about this case :
  • The most basic reason : she is the one who parked in front of MY HOUSE, not her house, so why she protest while I ask her to move her car? That's totally unreasonable. You can see here if I brought this to law I'll definitely win the case.
  • That's my home right? So which garage I'd like to park my car is up to me right? Apalagi kalo ada strong reason why I must park my car in that garage and not the other one. Masa kalo kita mau cat pintu rumah harus izin tetangga?
  • When my sis ask her to move her car then suddenly she get angry and called my sis "anak muda kurang ajar". What the hell is that? That's the same with telling my mom and dad if they can't educate their daughter. I have a principle about this kind of people : I'm not respecting them, not because I'm not polite but sincerely they don't deserve any respect.
  • Just because we are younger should we are underestimated? In USA a 19th year old boy can become a mayor of a city but here we were looked down just because we are young. So do I need to be 30-40 year old for not being underestimated while you still can find a 50 year old man who is more unresponsible compare to a 19 year old boy.
  • Hey, I'm the one who involved why I must shut my mouth. I deserve to speak my mind. I'm 22 year old now. Just because I'm not married yet and doesn't have any wrinkles they think I'm not adult yet. Eventhough I'm not adult I still have my humanity right to speak up my mind right. You can't just shut up a someone's opinion just because he's younger. Even Jesus Christ thinks kids have the right to come to him and speak up their minds.
Luckily the one that crazy woman argued is my sis, not me. But if she doesn't change her attitude I'm sure one day I'll be the one arguing with her. And if this happened I'll make sure she can't say anything for debatting me.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Let's Feed Mr. Frog..!

Yesterday I went to Delta Plaza and found this cute Mr. Frog saving pot in one of the small tenant at the third floor. I've found this one before on Gramedia bookstore but I think it's too expensive so I didn't buy it. And now sudddenly I found exactly the same one with a lot cheaper price. In Gramedia this Mr. Frog is sold for about Rp. 20.000,- and yesterday I bought it somewhere else for only Rp 13.500,-. What a significant price differentiation..! Here is my Mr. Frog, capture it just for you to see how cute it is (^___^)

What does he eat?? The answer is money.
So let's feed him until he gains weight and when he's full let's empty him (^__^)

Friday, September 5, 2008

Selamat Menunaikan Ibadah Puasa

Halloo semua..! Sorry banget Chubby udah benar-benar pucink ama tugas akhir sampai ga sempat blogging dan ga sempat blogwalking. Btw biarpun Chubby ngga ikutan puasa tapi Chubby just want to say : "Selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa yah..! Semoga puasanya sukses, ga bolong-bolong dan semoga perbaikan diri yang telah diraih lewat puasa ini menjadi akan menjadi nilai hidup yang kekal, jangan cuma waktu puasa saja" (^___^)b