Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Let's Feed Mr. Frog..!

Yesterday I went to Delta Plaza and found this cute Mr. Frog saving pot in one of the small tenant at the third floor. I've found this one before on Gramedia bookstore but I think it's too expensive so I didn't buy it. And now sudddenly I found exactly the same one with a lot cheaper price. In Gramedia this Mr. Frog is sold for about Rp. 20.000,- and yesterday I bought it somewhere else for only Rp 13.500,-. What a significant price differentiation..! Here is my Mr. Frog, capture it just for you to see how cute it is (^___^)

What does he eat?? The answer is money.
So let's feed him until he gains weight and when he's full let's empty him (^__^)


  1. Ya ampun, padahal cuma selesih beberapa ribu ajah, loh... :P
    nemu dimana jadinya??

  2. Yee...tuh mah memang cm beda 7.000-8.000 tp bayangkan kalo dipersentase ama total harganya tuh bisa beda 30%, lumayan kan 30%. Biarpun uang cuma beda segitu tapi Chubby udah bisa dapet dua gelas es teh tong dji atau segelas quickly lho (^___^)