Monday, September 29, 2008

Let's Go Swimming..!

Today I went to Manyar swimming pool with my bestfriends. It's been a long time since my last swimming. Actually not really long time, just a month ago but since I didn't bring my swimglass I can't swim freely so I don't consider that as swimming.

This swimming pool actually quite large compare with the other one. In this area there are two swimming pools. The old one is smaller and not so clean. I don't really like it. The one I went is the new one. Eventhough it's new and quite clean but I still find something suspicious about this pool. As we know most pool water is cleaned using chemical ingredient called "kaporit". But strangely this pool doesn't smell it at all and the taste of the water was salty. After a few minutes swimming I felt itchy on my feet, my friend felt itchy too and in the end I'm getting more sunburn than usual eventhough I've used sunblock cream. Totally strange and suspicious.

Honestly I love the design of this pool. It's so comfy but since the service has decreased so much since the last time I went I decided to swim at another place next time.


  1. ga ada kaporit ? banyak bakteri tuhhh :(

  2. @Jiewa : yah itu jie, Chubby curiga banget nih, habis ga ada bau kaporit sama sekali padahal rasanya mereka ga pake sistem ozon seperti di Atlas. Kapok dah Chubby renang di sana. Udah gosong, kulit gatel-gatel ga murah-murah amat juga. Harganya ga beda jauh ama Atlas padahal kolamnya masih besar Atlas.