Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Be Absent For A While

Guys, Chubby mo pengumuman nih. In the next few months I'll be very bery focus on my final project. So before I've been to busy and ignore you all I apologize first. I'll try my best to keep up my schedule with my blogwalking and blogging time. Some accident lately has screwed up my final project schedule so I'll need to speed it up. My goal is to finish it as soon as possible, this July if it's possible but my maximum deadline is August.

By the way, karena terlalu sibuk kerja TA akhir-akhir ini Chubby jadi jarang mandi dan makin sering laper jadinya makan terus. Seharian cuma di depan komputer stres ngurus TA. Apakah ini sindrom normal? I usually take my bath early in the morning after doing some sit up to keep my stomach flat but been doing this for one year and still can't get those six packs. After that I'll sit in front of my Toshi all the day doing some googling to find out the match configuration for my web server. Yes, my final project is making a web using Flex Builder 2.0.1 and I must build the web server since it's hard to find the hosting in Indonesia. I'm still confused between using Tomcat+Apache or just configure my web server using ColdFusion. This all so new and too much load for me. Really stressed me out ( ̄へ ̄) Eventhough I'm studying IT as my university major but I'm still a dummy at all. Those four years of university curriculum are useless for my final project. I realize now working as an IT staff is the best way to learn about IT. Spending four years in university not make you know more than untitled IT people.

Regards in stress mode,

Chubby Panda


  1. ciayooo!!!! tetep semangat! hihi *tutup tutup idunk :P (kabur)

  2. gw pas skripsi juga gitu koq , bawaannya laper mlulu , mungkin karna stres yaa ..

    hmm .. mungkin bener juga kata lo , sOalnya pas gw kerja di bidang it , gw ngerasa blajar dari awal lagi , jadi ilmu yang gw dapet pas kul ga tau dehh pada kemanain ^0^

  3. wajar kok... aku juga gitu... :)
    sorry kemarin lagi di luar kota, ga sempat bales sms mu :|
    btw, aku juga stress ma TA ku...
    wedi gak mari... :|

  4. @elmo : thx mo (^___^) I'm still fighting here. Fighting my TA and fighting to take control of myself. Hehehe.

    @naki : huaa...Chubby stres banget nih ki...mana ga ada yang bisa Chubby tanyain soalnya rata2 ga ada yang pake...hiks..

    @rere : lho tante belum selesai ta TAne? Bkne udah ready mo maju yah?? Nih buku masuk bab 4, smtr program stuck harus konsul dl baru isa kerja (T___T)