Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I am Proud of Garuda....!

It's been "hot" in Jakarta for the last few days, people keep talking about the AFF football championship. I know less about the game, all I know my national team is going to final facing his "brother but enemy" Malaysia.

For quite a long time these two nations have had many things crashed, started from silly things to serious matters. I think Indonesia's leaders have been very wise, calm and humble facing so many crash happened before even though many Indonesian people has been asking the leaders to take discipline action about Malaysia. More and more Indonesian people hate Malaysia as day by day more crashes happens. Not hating in specific racism way but hating the arrogant attitude acts of Malaysia as a nation. A lot of us feel that Malaysia has tried to claim a lot of our cultures as their cultures, even though actually it's normal for these two nations shares a lot of common since they live nearly and share a lot of genetic race together but what make many Indonesian people angry is not that point, I think it's more about the arrogant attitude that has been shown.

I'm not an expert in political view but I know one thing for sure : people will always see the act, they won't really look for what's the reason behind because for so many reasons they can't. I know every nation has to protect their needs but getting what you need while hurting others is not a good attitude right? I mean maybe Malaysia has their own reasons for all the crashes that has happened but still is it so hard to show Indonesian people that you can be a nation's friend of Indonesia? Having a kind heart is not enough to make people see your kind heart, you need to act and show them in gestures or comments to make people know you have a kind heart right?

Okay, enough of the background story. So we all know among Indonesian and Malaysian there has been a hidden anger and hatred that roots for years. Too many hatred that result to this two words : "Indosial" and "Malingsia". For you who never learn Indonesia or Malaysia national language you may not understand what those words mean. So let me explain a little bit. In this word "Indo-sial", "sial" means bad luck while in "Maling-sia", "maling" means thief. Now you see how deep is the hatred between these two nations?

With all those years hatred can you imagine how emotional it is to watch those two national teams match in the final of AFF football championship. For the final there will be two matches, one in Malaysia and one in Indonesia. At December 26th, 2010 the first final match is held in Malaysia and the result is Indonesia lose to Malaysia 3-0. Being win or lose in a match is just normal but it's not just a normal lose for Indonesia if Indonesia once won 5-1 from Malaysia at the previous match (before the final phase) and there are "special distortion" in the first final match that held in Malaysia. The "special distortion" has happened before at the previous match between Malaysia and Vietnam. If you tweet I'm sure you must notice there was a trending topic in Twitter "MalaysiaCheatLaser". Most of Indonesian considered Malaysia cheating, Malaysia supporters was bringing laser thing and pointing the lasers to Indonesian team especially the keeper in order to disturb the team. It just so disturbing that at one point the referee has to pause the match before the penalty kick for there were lasers pointing at Indonesia's keeper face. Can you imagine how disturbing is that to have a laser pointed at your face while you try to see clearly where the ball going to be kicked?

If this is the first time happens I may considered it just my own people that can't accept the fact Malaysia teams play better than our team. But hey this is not the first time, it happened before and the Vietnam team has complained and they do nothing. No discipline action, no warning at all. Before the first final match in Malaysia, Indonesian team is aware of this issue and warned Malaysia that they might do a walkout if this thing also happens in the final match. And guess what? Malaysia do nothing, they just let it happens and ignore it. We all did mistake right but if we've been warned and told that it's a mistake and must not let it happens again but in the end we do nothing and act like nothing bad happens what do you think? You must think it must be done intentionally. That's what I think now.

Some sentences just often snaps in my mind when I see, hear or read one or two things that inspire me. Anyway Indonesia won 2-1 over Malaysia for the second final match but it's not enough to win the championship. This is the one in my mind that I tweeted about the second final match : "My national team win the match fair and I am proud of them, not like other nation who win the championship but in unfair way, with lasers help."

I know my nation is not perfect, so many corruption and selfishness in our government but at least we play fair. Thanks to our national team....! I know nothing of football but still seeing you all fighting till the end for us is an amazing thing.

Note : Don't get me wrong, I don't hate Malaysia national team. I appreciate them for they have done their best but I think they should realize this is not a fair win. I wonder if there was no laser help can they keep the trophy? Nevertheless this is just one of my sharing. What I think and what I feel, not always an absolute truth for everyone. So if there is any Malaysian read my post I'm sorry before, for you will not like my post and may feel insulted.

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