Friday, December 31, 2010

Pray for A Wisdom...!

I am someone that you can say little bit stubborn. If I already has an interest to do something or getting curious about something I can put all my efforts and focus on that thing. Often when I read or doing something with too much focus I don't hear people calling me, it just like I'm on my own world. Maybe because of that character of mine I totally agree with this motto : "Pray to God for a wisdom to change what can be changed and to accept what can't be changed."

I has some friends whom in my opinion they are not really wise in making a big decision in their life, such as relationship partner, choosing job or major in college. The reason why I think it's not wise maybe because I know for real they can do better than that, they deserve someone better for them or maybe that choice is not the best for them. As time goes by I will always try to tell my friend to re-think about their choices until one day that choice is made and there is no way back. And when that has happened I will feel really nervous, worried for the choices they made may hurt them and make them disappointed.

I have watched many of my close beloved peoples making the wrong decision, tried to tell them but they keep going and in the end their choices bring something bad for them. I know not all of us can accept an advice or critic, I know by telling them my different opinion there is a chance they hate me or feeling away from me. But more of that, I can't stand watching people that I love getting hurt. I don't like that feeling, feeling worried for my friends and don't trust them for their selves.

Until one day I come to this thinking : maybe one day in the future they may feel sorry for this decision but for now I just want to support them, be their strength to walk down the road they have chosen. Even though their decision may still be a wrong one, I'd really like to help them struggle, put some efforts changing any possible bad result from that wrong decision into minimum damage, or even better make it resulting something good and fine.

Well these last few years really has become my class to learn living my life as the motto said. Pray to God for a wisdom to change what can be changed and to accept what can't be changed.

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