Saturday, January 1, 2011

No More Disconnected Mobile Modem...!

I've been using Vodafone Huawei E172 for two years. Just like others mobile modem user I used to have some problems with my Huawei but after two years experience in using and troubleshooting now I can say mine is perfect...! Hooray, no more disconnected modem! Wanna know my tips? Check this out.

First, not all USB ports support the modem, some of it seems lack of electrical power that make the modem seems disconnected just a few seconds after it detected on the computer. For PC users, I suggest you used USB ports at the back side, not all front side USBs supports enough electricity for your modem. For notebook users, mostly this problem not happening to you but in case you have this problem I suggest you try each of you USB ports, and when you found one that seems ok remember to put your modem there. Last but important, don't use USB Hubs...! Most USB hubs we bought are not supported with additional adaptor, surely there won't be enough power for your modem that's why it's not detected in you computer.

Second, after getting your modem detected it's often found during the use modem will get hot and at some point it get disconnected. Before I bought mine people already warned me about this one, but what can I say I need it so I bought it and get myself stressed out. At first I used a regular USB port to attach my modem, and just like everyone has warned before after some time it get disconnected and I need to re-attach it to get detected again. That's so frustrating moment for me. Lately I found out that eSATA port can be used to attach any USB devices too. Stupid me, knowing this after a long time I have my notebook. Once I tried to attach my modem to eSATA USB port, and voila..! No more disconnected device, and my baby is so stable...! Best I've ever used, believe it or not.

Hope my tips can help you out of your nightmare. Enjoy..!

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