Friday, October 3, 2008

No MSG Restaurant

Most of us eating food with MSGs. We all know this MSG is not healthy but this thing is unavoidable especially if we had dinner outside. Yesterday Chubby went to Galaxy Mall and ate at one of Ranch Market's restaurant. Chubby found something suprising here.

No MSG? Yes that's what the menu said. So Chubby decided to order the Tamie Goreng Capjay Seafood for Rp. 39.000,-. Kiet Wan Kie is one of ancient famous restaurant in Surabaya. This restaurant has existed since my mom's period. What it taste without any MSG? Since Chubby has stopped using MSG at home this food taste fine and good for me. But for some of you may think this food is less tasty. But overall the price, the place, the service, and the taste of the food is quite good. The best is this is a healthy food. So if you're looking something to eat and healthy I suggest you visit this restaurant inside Ranch Market. And for you moslem people there's no need to worry. The food is "halal" (^___^)v Here is the menu.

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  1. wekekek. di rumah ak juga gak pernah pake micin yoh. mamaku anti. tp rasae gak kalah ama restoran punya kok.