Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Graduation = Bad Day ?

Monday was one of the worst days in my life. It should be my graduation day and I should already took a lot of memorable pictures with my friends but the night before I got a super duper stomachache and that made me go to the toilet over and over for the whole night. I couldn't get enough sleep at all while tomorow I will have my make up at 4.30 am. My unhealthy condition really force me to stand on my limit to attend my graduation. I even threw up in the middle of the ceremony when I went to the toilet. Really a bad bad day...! 

The ballroom used for the ceremony was actually big enough and beautiful but the air conditioner wasn't cold enough or I guess the air circulation was bad. Once while I went out for the toilet I felt the air outside was better then I suddenly realized that the air in the ballroom was hot and smelled bad. I wonder if that makes me threw up. When the ceremony was over and people were queueing to go out I saw some old people without any respect to their surrounding were smoking eventhough they were within room with air conditioner. What a bad thing to do..!

I thought eventhough my graduation day wasn't as fun as I wish at least I enjoyed one thing. I felt happy when it come to my turn to go to the stage and the MC called my name and said that I'm a cumlaude. I was little bit proud of myself but I know there's still a long long way to go (^__^)


  1. waaaa!!cumlaude!!! congratulations and celebration :D *makan-makan dunks* :D

  2. Congratz, chubby :)
    akirnya lulus cumlaude!! :D

    btw, sayang ga bisa poto2 kelarnya wisuda yah...
    semoga dengan merangkat ke makasar, jadi lebih baik, kan liburan ;)

  3. @Elmo : makan-makannya setelah gajian aja yah...bokek nih CHubby...hehehe...

    @Rere : Tanteeee.....ayo kpn jln2 bareng..! Miss Uu...!(bayangin mulut Chubby monyong2 sexy gt...wakakakaka..)

  4. hooo .. cumlaude .. you go girl !!!

  5. aniwei .. blogw-ku pindah ke sini yaa :