Friday, June 27, 2008

I'm Shouting My Mind

I'm not a workaholic but I always try to enjoy my work
I think the best way to enjoy a success is working hard for it

I love my friends eventhough I'm not saying I love you to every of them.
I'm not an expert in friendship but I've found true friends who knows EVERYTHING about me and however unbelieveable they still likes me anyway

I love fairytales eventhough I don't believe in fairies
Tiger and panda are one of my favourite animals
I hate insects and reptile whatever it is even it is a butterfly

I love dolls so much, you can always find dolls in my bed.
I love doll that soft, comfort, and can be hugged which mean BIG doll.
I prefer animal stuffed doll than barbie.

I like to eat so muccchh, anytime you need a companion to eat just ask me.
I prefer bread than rice just like I prefer coffee and tea than soda.
I prefer eating cheese and milk cookies bar than candy.

I'm not beautiful or sexy but trust me that I'm quite keen on myself.
You may think I'm narcist but I think I just make a peace with myself.

I hate people who keep complaining but do no attempts to make it.
So go away lazy people, you won't get my simpathy.
But indeed I like people who work out to reach their goal.
Those kind of people will always have my empathy.

What I think of man and woman relationship?
None of you is better if you betray your couple.
A betrayer is a betrayer doesn't care what is the gender.

Having more than one person as your lifemate?
That just show how weak yourself that you can't keep your commitment in marriage.

A man that can cook?
There's nothing wrong if you have a husband who can cook.
I think a cook is sexy

A man that can sing?
He can sing love songs for you, woman.
I think that's romantic.

A man that can dance?
He's definitely energetic which mean a good companion for shopping and hang out
I love that too as long as he is a gentleman not a feminin man.


  1. Aku sedikit tersindir
    tapi bagus...!
    thanks for remind me, sist ^^

  2. @Rere : tersindir yang bagian mana toh tante? (-___-?)