Monday, March 24, 2008

Another Surprise...!

Today i has planned to wake up late since last nite i slept late too. But my plan changed. At about 9 am I was waken up by a phone call. It was Cepu delivering things from my honey for me. I have told him no need to deliver it but he insist. So there I am with my pajama and sleepy eye and no time to take a bath just washing my face and mouth I went out to my garage opening fence for Cepu with that super sleepy face (-__-)! As far as I know I just have one thing to deliver but instead Cepu gave me two things. And what a suprise...! I received my Flex book and my Nokia 5610. Wew....! Never imagine that I would have it just right now. Well, in the other hand that also mean I have a debt now. Hehehehe.

That's my Flex book. I've been looking for it. I have searched all Surabaya book store both local and imported and still can't find it anywhere so I asked my honey to look for it in Singapore. I guess it's a miracle I can have it now. That was the last book in Kinokuniya. Little bit broken on the cover but I dont mind. But it's quite costs me SG$ 80...about 520000 if at kurs SG$ 1 = Rp 6500 (T_T)

That's my new baby boy. I've been using nokia 5300 before this. So i dont have so much difficulties to use it. My new baby boy has a better perfomance than 5300. His voice is so wonderful. This one really is the real music expres edition. And brighter also bigger screen. Great shortcut too. But there is one point you need to remember. This baby boy wont be able to detect any memory card if you open the back case. So to have this baby boy detect the memory card I must put the back cover. It's so strange. I've been using Nokia for my whole handphoning history and this is my first time for this condition. Before this I never have trouble accessing my Nokia phone with back case opened. I guess this is a new thing from Nokia.

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