Monday, March 17, 2008

Nice to meet you..!

Wew...! Finally i got another blog besides friendster's blog. This is not my first time of blogging but i'm still a newbie but I hope you can enjoy my blog. I made this blog to share my life with others. Never mean to show off my life or what. I just want to help other people to get encouraged in their life just like what i feel when i read my friend's blogs.

Some inspirational labeled posts are not created by myself. I import them from my old blogs but I've lost the urls of the original articles. I'm sorry for that. I will try my best to note the original source next time when I dont write the post by myself.

Just for your acknowledge not all of my posts are for public consumed. Some posts are about my belief. For you who have difference belief don't need to read that post. My objective of posting it just for sharing my mind. Never mean to intimidate anyone.

Nice to meet you all..! (^o^)
Hope you enjoy my blog

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