Monday, March 17, 2008

The Best We Can Do

Hi guys...! How is your life? Some of you may say it's boring...some of you say it's fine....some of you say "i'm depressed"....some of you say "i'm so busy"...and many more. But how is your real life can touch people? In this post I would like to share little of what i've got with you all.

Last year I went to an afternoon service at church. Mr. Philip Mantofa was the man who teach us about Holy Bible at that service. What he was teaching about is so simple but most of us never realized it. It's all about what you have done to service God. Most of us (realized it or not) thinks the main way to do it is taking part in church...the bigger we take the better we are. But that's not the answer, that's not the truth that Holy Bible taught us.

The main service in life is with our life. Will you touch people with a lot of services you've done but your never really leave your old man who likes sins? Can people believe in you when you took a lot of services part in church but you don't even take care of your study and your family? Wouldn't they ask what the God has taught you? To be busy in church? Not to study well for your own future? Not to respect your parents? To yell on your parents?

If you are like that please beware, your services will not be bless for someone else, but it will become just like any ordinary activities you've done. And the worst case is if what you have done in your life can be a barrier for people around you for knowing Jesus. Just like Mahatma Gandhi's story when one human arrogancy not let him get into church just because the color of his skin and that definitely made him get dissapointed, and then he never really become a christian although he has been interested and touched so much with what Jesus has taught in the Holy Bible.

From the deepest place of my heart, I'd like to ask all of us together to learn to be the witness who Jesus is start in every aspects of our life. Not just in church but start in our school, college, university, working place, family, friends..every inch of our life.

Lets not think about something big first, being the worship leader, the committee of church, ect. But lets start from the small thing...starts from every actions in everday of our lifes...even the smallest one, our family and friends, have a good study, ect.

Just like what had been written in the Holy Bible...when you've done with the small things then the big things will be handled to you....

Hope this post can courage you and help you to grow up
GBU all

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