Monday, March 17, 2008

Shopping at Ace Hardware

Yesterday I went to Galaxy Mall. Ace Hardware is having its grand opening at Galaxy Mall 2. So I asked my family to go there. I have been looking for a big box for my bags. I have quite a lot bags that i put in my wardrobe. And they looks so miserable even i have tried many times to arrange them in line. And here at Ace i found what i need. Actually i was thinking about a big plastic box but i found it was quite expensive. It costs about 100000 just for one big box. But here at Ace I find a big box which strong enough for my bags but not made from a plastic so it is cheaper. It costs only about 52000, almost half of the plastic one. Its made from fabric and little wood which mean its can be recycled and safe for earth. So i decided to buy it.

Here you can see that rainbow box in my wardrobe. It looks so great right? It looks like a big strong box eventhough its not made from pure wood or plastic. And the best part is it is a lot cheaper from the plastic one and safe for earth (^o^)b

Besides that box actually there are some other things that make me interested. I found a tissue roll box with watermelon and orange themes as you can see in the picture. They are so cure aren't they? I was going to buy it but it was so expensive. It costs about 60000 each. Too much expensive for my wallet to buy that tissue roll box. Maybe i'll just wait until someone buy it for me. Anyone interested to buy it for me..? (^o^)

Anyway i found something interesting for you here at Ace. If you go to party section u can find something beautiful here. Have you heard or invited to a mask party?? You must have confused where to buy the mask if you are invited to that kind of party. But no need to worry now. Ace has it available for you now. The mask start from 40000, the simplest one to the most sophisticated that cost hundred of thousands. And at this grand opening you can have discount for some of the masks. Isn't it great..!? (^o^)

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