Monday, March 24, 2008

Bedroom Sweet Bedroom

I've just taken some photos about my favourite corner in my bedroom. My first rank of my favourite place in my bedroom of course is my own bed. Hehehehe.

As you can see here I got my babies accompany me every night. My bed size is bigger than a single bed size but smaller than a double bed. It's not such a regular size. I dont know how it happen like that. This bed has been made before I was born. A very old bed but still strong and good. It's made from Tectona grandis or we call it "jati" here. The bed itself made from a good sponge bed but not a spring bed yet. I dont know what kind of sponge bed but its so good and comfortable. Even my honey has already fallen in love with this bed.

Up there you can see the main view from my table. It's full of photo frames and calender and many small things that has special meaning for me. Can you see those heart and purple porselent there? They are gift from my bestfriend.

These are some of my favorite frames that I put on the left side of my table. So much memory in those photos. That blue frame is my 16th birthday gift. And I got that heart frame from a party. Beside these frames I usually also open my laptop at the left side of my table because it's the nearest place with the electricity.


  1. Maaf nggak bisa basa inggris. hehe..
    ai jest wone sei tha ai hav mai feivrit bedrum in mai hauz tuu. therz_ela_(t)ev picz h├Žnginaut the woll.. and the biggest pic goes to bjork. cez shiy_iz mai biggest aideul e_(t)oll.

  2. Wedew...maaf kalo gt. Bukan maksud mo pamer bahasa inggris ato gimana cm kadang2 hasrat berbahasa inggris lagi ON jadi terpaksa nulis in English masio masih towel-towel ga perfect..wekekeke...harap dimaklumi.. (^o^)

  3. Gpp, pake english ae, biar aku belajar pisan, dan gak dihina-hina ma kokomu iku, secara de e nek menghina sadis pek! kalah yang cewek :P