Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Fight for our freedom...!

Hi guys...! Im sure a lot of us must get upset with our stupid government. Just because a piece of movie which they believe is not true and afraid of it then they block almost all major sites that is very important for most of us and spending a lot money while once you type that movie title on Google keyword and go for some search you still can find it easily anywhere. So what the purpose of that blocking? So here I'd like to share with you how to access them back.

If you just want to browsing to those blocked web and have no intention for any download or no need for login then you can just use web proxy. Here how to do it.

  • Just type "Anonymous Proxy" at Google search and choose one from them then put your web URL into it. That anonymous proxy site will just redirect you to your web and

If you want to have some download or need to login from those blocked web you can't use just a web proxy. You must definitely change you browser's proxy. Here how to do it.

  • Get your browser, find out your proxy setting, and change it to manual proxy configuration with one of this proxy lists :
http proxy :
port : 9999

http proxy :
port : 3128
( some people has reported this proxy can't be used but some success with this, so just try yourself)

http proxy :
port : 80

From the information that i got the last is the fastest one. If you find one of them can't be used just tell me. And if you have other proxy to share just tell me and i'll add it.

Khusus untuk rapidshare ada beberapa cara alternatif lagi untuk download tanpa harus menggunakan web proxy atau manual proxy configuration. Silahkan cek di sini. Sedangkan untuk premium download pada rapidshare menggunakan web proxy silahkan coba ini.


  1. Wah..... ponakanku pinter.... gak rugi IPK tinggi, hahahahahaha :))

  2. sekarang udah bisa ya tapi... rapidshare oke, youtube oke, metacafe juga oke... semua oke deh... cuma gara2 provokator, eh, reaksinya jadi berlebihan gini...