Monday, March 17, 2008

My Little Treasures

These are my little treasures. Not everyone think they are something important or precious but for me they are. They have added colours to my life. Here I'd like to introduce you all to my little happiness.

These are my little babies. I have loved doll since i'm little kid. But since i easily got cough and flu my mom didn't permit me to have them. When i've grown up i start to buy them with my own money.

Let me introduce you to my little babies. The white one at left is a NICI polar bear and i call him Popo. The one at right is a Me to You teddy bear so i call him Mimi. And the last one in the middle is a regular brown teddy bear which has a bigger head than the whole body. He looks so cute. I bought him by myself risking my life. I was in Korea's disneyland, Neverland. I almost got left behind coz i take my time buying him. He's not as much expensive as the others but he saved my special memories in Korea. The greatest holiday i've ever been. Not just the country but also the people. I haven't give him name. Still have no idea. If you have an idea just try to tell me.

These are my books in my desk. Not all my books. It just some books from my own little library. I start to change my reading from indonesian to english novels. I can't completely leave indonesian novels but i'm trying to reduce it as much as possible. And now i'm collecting popular classic english novels such as the lost world, pride and prejudice, etc. I dont know what's going on but i find reading english novels is much more interesting. And recently i hardly find a good indonesian novels. But i have my own favorite indonesian writer, Ilana Tan. I have read Summer in Seoul by Ilana Tan for a dozen times. It so imaginative.

These are the newest books i bought few days ago at Gramedia Expo book fair. I was so hypnotised with that book fair. I can get so many new books with 20-30% discount. It was so wonderful. That book fair has made me go bankrupt for this month. I have spent about 250000 for those books. Little feel sorry about being too much book shopping but a lot of satisfaction =p

This is my little vampire. As you can see actually it is a voodoo doll. I have wanted this doll since 4-5 years ago. I watched it via satellite TV. It was from China or Taiwan. I forget which one. Last February when my boyfriend went home he told me that doll was available at Chang-I airport so i asked him to buy one for me. And here is my little vampire. Actually the voodoo doll are available at many themes. You can find a Cupid voodoo doll or even a Casanova voodoo doll. My boyfriend bought me a vampire coz I like vampire. I dont know why i admire vampire. Maybe i watch too much movies about dracula =p

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